BOLD Summary: Don’t let muscle mass go to waste - from Harvard Health

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Not using your muscles enough for an extended period of time can lead to physiologic atrophy. It’s not all bad news though, you can help prevent physiologic atrophy and even build back up muscle that has been lost. 

Top Five Insights

  1. No matter what your age with the right strategy you can protect yourself from muscle atrophy and bounce back faster if it does occur. 
  2. Atrophy doesn’t just set in from physical setbacks such as illness. Even a break in your routine for 2 or more weeks can lead to significant muscle loss.
  3. If you know you’ll be having downtime, for example over a holiday or for surgery then make building up your muscle beforehand a priority. 
  4. Weight training is ideal for helping to build and maintain muscle. 
  5. If you’ve experienced muscle atrophy take things slow at first, it will take time to build yourself back up to where you were.

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