The more energy, better digestion shake for over 50's

It's time to feel like you again

Our pro-aging formulation has been developed with a nutritional scientist and is packed full of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs for now and into the future. Use it everyday or as a top-up when you need it.

Australia's premium pro-aging health powder specifically formulated for people 50+

Expert Insight - Louise Fisher BSc (Nutrition)

Nutrition Scientist

Louise is Bold’s nutrition scientist. Louise did a mid-life pivot from her first career as a lawyer, and in true Bold style was awarded a BSc (Nutrition) with Honours Class 1 and the University Medal. A clinical dietitian for 10 years, Louise has a personal interest in healthy aging, diet and exercise.

Our Range

Health Protein Boost

Your secret to healthy aging

+ Strength, energy + healing in one

+ Only 2-3 times a week

+ Easy + delicious & Guaranteed!

Collagen Glow

Nurture your skin from within

+ Support, repair, replenish your skin

+ 21 serves per bag

+ Use hot or cold

Bold Subscriptions

Never worry about running out

+ Delivered monthly

+ Subscribe and save 10%

+ Pause, skip, or cancel any time


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