Insights from the experts

Louise Fisher

Accredited Practising Dietitian
BSc. (Nutrition) I BCom/LLB

"The benefits of increased protein and strength go much further than meet the eye"

"A recent US study linked higher protein intakes to maintaining physical function in middle
aged, high-functioning adults over more than 20 years.
The people with the highest protein intakes were more likely to be better at day-to day activities with a faster walking speed and stronger grip. It’s the type of data that suggests these people had a fuller, independent and active way of living."


Dr Isabelle Felice

Principal Dentist
BSci.Dist.(UOW), BDent.Hons.(USyd.)
Practice Owner at Vaucluse Dental, Sydney NSW

"BOLD Health Protein Plus is an ideal supplement for protein and fibre deficient diets

A person’s dental status can influence the foods that they choose to eat. As we age, many of us have restored or partially missing teeth and this can correlate with altered eating habits and nutritional choices.

Foods that are high in fibre and protein are commonly avoided and this can have a flow on effect for general health."

Jessica Salmon

Occupational Therapist
Ba Applied Sciences (Occupational Therapy) (USyd) Sydney NSW

"I encourage my clients to consume a wide variety of food groups inclusive of protein rich foods like BOLD Health Protein Plus.

Protein is important in tissue repair including collagen synthesis, capillary and epithelial tissue growth.

Wound healing is a complex and energy-demanding process. The relationship between nutrition and wound healing is recognised globally."

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