10 fun hobbies to start at any age

Because it’s never too late to be inspired

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Did you know that hobbies are not only fun but also good for you? Numerous studies have shown that having a hobby can reduce stress, improve your creativity and even enhance your sense of well being, and the great news is that it’s never too late to find a hobby you love.

Today we’ll be exploring 10 fun hobby ideas that you can start at any age:

1. Learn a New Language

10 fun hobbies to start at any age learn a language

Have you always wanted to learn another language but never had the time? Why not learn one now?  Not only does learning a new language open up opportunities for you to meet and converse with new people but it is also GREAT for your mind. There are many studies that show learning a new language at an older age can help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and slow down brain deterioration. 

Looking for a good place to start? Norwegian is a great choice for native English speakers. Like English it’s a Germanic language which means that there are a lot of similar or shared words across the two. Not only that but the sentence structures are also similar.

There are many good (and free) resources on the internet to help you, from Youtube videos to platforms like DuoLingo it’s never been easier to start. 

2. Join a Book Club

10 fun hobbies to start at any age join a bookclub

If you love a good book, then why not join a bookclub? If there’s an author or genre out there that you love you’ll easily find a club dedicated to it. Plus it’s always nice to meet like minded people and bond over shared interests. 

Joining a book club will not only motivate you to actually finish your book, but through discussions with fellow participants you’ll get to experience new perspectives and maybe even make some new friends. Not to mention that these events usually involve delicious snacks.

Can’t find a club in your local area, why not try an online book club? With an online club you’ll get to enjoy all of your book club benefits from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Foster a Pet

10 fun hobbies to start at any age foster a pet

If you have always loved animals but can’t commit to one of your own full time why not consider fostering a pet? Not only will you be helping a little furry friend during their time of need, but you’ll also get the best parts of pet ownership without the downsides. 

Foster pets make great house guests, there’s no judgment about the dishes not being done or the bed not being made. Your home will be a much nicer environment than a shelter and your new friend will be very happy to be there. Foster animals also have a higher success rate of adoption so you’ll be helping increase their chances of finding a forever home.

The best part is that everything is done on your schedule and availability, so if you have a holiday planned or need to go away, or just need a break you can. Most animal rescues offer fostering so if you’re interested why not contact your local shelter or the RSPCA

4. Take up Photography

10 fun hobbies to start at any age photography


With modern technology there’s never been a better time to take up photography. Gone are the days of needing expensive equipment to take beautiful shots, now even the cameras in our phones and tablets are capable of capturing fantastic images. 

Photography is also a great way to explore new places and stay active. By seeking out and exploring new locations to shoot you’ll be keeping your mind and body active. Creative activities such as photography actually help to lower stress hormones so it’s the perfect way to unwind. 

To get started you can take an in person class, join an amateur photography group or head online to find easy to follow videos and tutorials. Best of all you’ll always have something interesting to show family and friends when you catch up.

5. Try Origami

up Photography origami

Want to improve your hand eye coordination? Then origami could be for you! 

This is a very cheap hobby to start, while there is an array of speciality origami paper available to purchase you can make most designs with any piece of paper. This makes it an ideal hobby to try as there’s no money invested to start up. 

To start we’d recommend heading to your local library to find a book on origami. Want to try it right now, here’s a quick and easy Paper Crane tutorial from Spruce Crafts 

6. Listen to Podcasts 

listen to podcasts

Want to explore murder mysterys, soaring fantisies and perspectives different to your own? Whatever you are into, there is a podcast out there for you. Covering a range of topics from true crime, to food, to fiction, to great DIY, podcasts are an easy (and frankly addictive) way to explore the world we live in. 

Not only that but they are super convenient as well as you can easily listen to them whilst doing other things.. So why not try it out by popping on a podcast as you cook dinner or fold the laundry? There are many free podcasts available on streaming services like Spotify.  

7. Go Stargazing 



Do you find yourself drawn to the sight of stars, if so stargazing could be the perfect hobby for you?! Looking up at the night sky is almost a form of meditation so this is a great hobby for anyone trying to add a little tranquillity to their life. 

Another benefit is the versatility of stargazing, it is something you can do from home (outside) or from various locations around the world. There are a range of online resources, books and even apps that can get you started on your journey. 

8. Start a collection

start a collection


Starting a collection might seem a little cliché but why shouldn’t you invest in things that bring you joy? You can collect anything, it doesn’t have to be stamps or rocks (although these are fun options). For example if you love vintage earrings why not start a collection? 

Part of the fun of collecting is choosing how to display your collection. Collection displays are also great icebreakers for when new people come around to visit as they are an easy and interesting conversation starter. 

Need some ideas on what you could collect, we’ve found a great list here to get you started. 

9. Learn Magic 

learn magic

You’re never too old to enjoy a little magic. Maintain your fine motor skills and keep your brain sharp by learning a trick or two. 

Not only do magic tricks help build self confidence, but they are also a great way to connect with people, especially the younger generation. This can make magic an ideal hobby for grandparents who are looking to impress their grandkids. 

You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment either, there are many easy to follow tricks on Youtube that use coins or a normal deck of cards. Not sure where to start, why don’t you give these easy coin tricks a go?

10. Volunteer 


If you have some extra time on your hands then volunteering could be a very rewarding hobby for you to take up. Did you know that in Australia there are over 60,000 registered charities many of which are powered by the donated time of volunteers. 

From animals, to food banks, to environmental conservation, no matter what cause you’re passionate about there’s a charity out there that would love to have you on board. 

Not sure where to start Seek Volunteer is a great resource where charities can post about the roles they currently have available in your area.